Empire 2020

Spaceseed: Empire 2020

The Wilderness Act of 1964

The Wilderness Act of 1964


"Failing (a very difficult piece for solo string bass)" by Tom Johnson

Nameless City

Space Mirrors: The Nameless City

Always Remember The Little Things

Always Remember The Little Things was filmed for the 48 hour film project in 2010. The film won Grand Audience Award "Best in Atlanta".

Red Light Runners

Red Light Runners was filmed for the 2011 48 hour film contest. The film won the "best use of line" award.

No Room to Move

No Room To Move explores the effect of urban sprawl on sensitive wildlife in Florida - developers entomb tortoises as they construct homes, and speeding cars kill bears as they cross Floridas busy roads. This documentary also examines how Florida could accommodate the needs of its wildlife and its growing human population through a development model known as The New Urbanism.

Leather Strap

Jeremy Aggers and the Tamers, "Leather Strap" live at Paste Magazine